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Making Cars Accessible Through Secured Car Loans

Enervated by the hectic schedule at the work place, traveling back to home in a public transport carrier seems to be a grueling task. This reasons out the transformation of cars from luxuries to necessity.

While there are cars designed for people at the high end, there is no shortage of cars for the people with a small budget. Not having a sufficient cash reserve? No need to get disheartened. One can always take a secured car loan and get the best of deals, as if purchasing in cash.

Secured car loans are not the only means available to an individual to get a car financed. Hire purchase and personal contact plans were the traditional methods of payment, but have lost their charm among the customers. People now use less of hire purchase method because of the excessively high cost of the method. Besides, the customer gets the ownership of car only after the entire payment has been made to the manufacturer.

Secured car loans, on the other hand, come at a lower rate of interest. The borrower gets possession of the car immediately after the loan is approved. With a number of lenders offering car loans, the borrowers can bargain a good deal in car finance.

Once made your mind to finance car through a secured car loan, it is time to decide some basic details of the loan. First the amount of loan to be taken will have to be decided. Various models of cars entice us to effect the purchase. Though it is easier to get a loan of any amount, one must not entertain a loan larger than ones capability. One might not be able to sustain the repayments at all times. This will lead to repossession of the car or any other collateral, with a bad credit to taint the credit history for a number of years to come.

It is easier to search the loans on the net than through a personal visit to each lender. The personal visit to the lender will be necessary, but at a later stage. First a list of some 4-5 lenders is reached after screening the huge number of lenders at various stages of the selection process. Then an appointment with the select lenders is arranged to get a basic idea about the features of the loan. Though every lender extols the virtues of the car loan offered by him, one must have a keen eye for the details which the lender does not disclose.

In the case of credit history, there are generally three types of lenders the customers will have to deal with. The first case will be of lenders who demand nothing except a perfect credit history. Borrowers with a bad credit history are denied loans outright. The second group of lenders generally advertise that their loans are for all types of borrowers, but balk when the case actually comes before them. They charge a high rate of interest in order to deter such people from taking loans. The third group of lenders is one where the bad credit customers get a respite from. They are willing to offer loans at reasonable rates of interest and other terms.

Lenders who do not cater to people with bad credit can be identified easily through the net. Such lenders specifically mention that their services are not meant for people with bad credit history. It is the second group that is tough to locate. However once this group of lenders is located, the only lenders left over are the ones you desire- the ones who offer secured car loans in spite of a bad credit history.

Submitting mortgage quotes for secured car loan helps get an idea of the lender and his offerings. These put no obligation on the borrower. So the borrower gets quotes from a number of places. Comparison between the quotes will help one reach the desired loan product.

Various factors determine the amount of loan that a person gets approved for. The value of the home, reducing any other debts will be the primary valuation measure. The income of the borrower and spouse (if working) also helps derive the amount of secured car loan. Some lenders offer loan calculators, payment calculators and such other tools to facilitate calculations by the borrowers themselves, without necessitating the help of lenders.

Andrew baker has done his masters in finance from CPIT. He is engaged in providing free, professional, and independent advice to the residents of the UK.He works for the personal loan web site for any type of Uk secured loans and unsecured loan please visit

Facing retirement with parent student loans? Transfer them to the kids  Los Angeles Times

It's not wise to use retirement funds to pay down student loans taken out on behalf of your children. Consider refinancing the debt so that the graduate can take ...

States Tempt Recent College Graduates With Student-Loan Payoffs  The Wall Street Journal

Nearly 20 states are trying a new legislative tack to lure recent college graduates: paying off their student loans. The programs, many of which were adopted in ...

County could take out $70 million in short-term loans

Cobb could begin the process Tuesday of borrowing an estimated $70 million in short-term loans known as tax anticipation notes— down from the $90 million in ...

Kahana homeowners defaulting on state loans  Honolulu Star-Advertiser

Some families who have gone years without performing cultural activities in lieu of monthly rent at a state-owned Kahana Valley “living park” also are way ...

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Here's what paying for college looked like before student loans existed, and what today's students can learn.

Nebraska Energy Office offers Dollar and Energy Saving Loans  Grand Island Independent

LINCOLN — After the historic flooding and devastation in Nebraska's communities, the Nebraska Energy Office, in conjunction with Nebraska lending institutions ...

Cerberus Raises $5.1 Billion to Buy Bad Loans  Wall Street Journal

Cerberus Capital Management has raised $5.1 billion to buy nonperforming loans to capitalize on a growing supply of such deals in Europe and other markets.

Proposals for solving the federal student loan debt crisis | Opinion  The Tennessean

The federal government should abide by the same disclosure standards as private lenders. In addition, responsible caps are needed.

Eximbank to provide TL loans for non-SME firms to boost exports  Daily Sabah

Türk Eximbank, which provides loans in local currency to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) exporting in Turkish lira, will from now on grant loans...

This lender plans to underwrite $1B in mortgages with no income, no asset verification  The Real Deal

Austin, Texas-based 360 Mortgage Group just revealed that it will conduct a pilot program to test the viability of no-income, no-asset mortgage loans by ...

Park National reports income down in first quarter, loans increased  The Newark Advocate

Park National reported first quarter net income decreased 18 percent from 2018, when income from asset recoveries at a subsidiary were included.

36% of college grads with student loans say the debt wasn't worth it—here's what experts say  CNBC

Almost half of young adults have student loan debt. And 36% of college graduates paying off student loans say now that taking on that debt wasn't worth it, ...

SBA loans now available for disaster recovery  The Daily Nonpareil

Disaster loans from the U.S. Small Business Administration are now available for residents of several area counties for damages resulting from flooding that ...

An Idea for Student Loans: Get Rid of Them  National Review

Here is a three-part plan for something practical the federal government could do to relieve college-loan debt. Step 1: The federal government should stop ...

Here's What The 2020 Presidential Candidates Say About Your Student Loans  Forbes

The 2020 race may reshape the future of student loans.

Higher limits now available on USDA farm loans  Scottsbluff Star Herald

Higher limits now are available for borrowers interested in USDA's farm loans, which help agricultural producers purchase farms or cover operating expenses.

Look Ahead, Pittsfield: Candidates emerge; housing rehab loans revised; pickleball clash  Berkshire Eagle

The mayoral campaign field is growing as retired Pittsfield police officer Karen Kalinowsky joins the race, squaring off against Mayor Linda Tyer, Craig Gaetani ...

Line of credit or loan for home reno?  Examiner Enterprise

Summer is nearly here, and the warm, sunny season means different things to different people. Some prefer a trip to the ballpark and some prefer a trip to the ...

What to Know About Paying Student Loans With Funds From a 529 Plan | Student Loan Ranger  U.S. News & World Report

First introduced in 1996, 529 college savings plans offer parents a way to save for college expenses for a designated beneficiary. They are exempt from federal ...

Pay Off Student Loans Or Save For Retirement? 11 Ways To Balance Your Financial Goals  Forbes

With heavy financial burdens like student loans, rent, credit card payments and more, starting “adult life” on the right foot can feel impossible for many Millennials ...

Exclusive Quicken Loans Program Unlocks Vrbo Rental Income, Which Can Now Be Used to Qualify for a Mortgage

Detroit-based Quicken Loans has announced a strategic partnership with Vrbo®, a world leader in vacation rentals, to allow rental income earned through Vrbo ...

New Student Loan Forgiveness Bill Could Help Millions  Forbes

Will this new student loan forgiveness bill change the future of public *service* loan forgiveness?

Bill may help millions qualify for popular Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program  CNBC

More than a dozen Democratic senators introduced a bill on Thursday to overhaul the popular but challenged Public *Service* Loan Forgiveness Program.

Court terminates Kolomoiskiy's personal bail contract on refinancing loans | KyivPost - Ukraine's Global Voice  Kyiv Post

Kyiv's Pechersky district court on April 20 terminated the agreement on the contract of personal bail of businessman Ihor Kolomoiskiy on PrivatBank's refinancing ...

Bankrupt student loan borrowers could finally get a break  MarketWatch

Bankruptcy rules on student loan debts should ease up, new recommendations say.

China Gives Cheap Loans for Studying Xi's Thought  Bloomberg

A new method for small business owners to gain the favor of bank managers and obtain credit is emerging amid China's push to support the real economy: ...

Where 2020 Democrats stand on student loans, teacher pay and other education issues  PBS NewsHour

Beneath the surface, there's broad disagreement between the 2020 Democratic contenders about education policy specifics, including how to implement and ...

Attorneys general say Trump administration is withholding critical student loan information  Washington Post

Twenty-one state attorneys general say the Education Department is refusing to release student loan information needed to protect residents from abusive ...

The solution to college loan debt is to treat students like startups  Quartz

Headlines would have you believe the main problem with college in the United States is the price tag. The figures are ghastly: College costs in the US have ...

NINA loans make a comeback with the 360 Mortgage pilot program  National Mortgage News

360 Mortgage is bringing back the no-income, no-asset loan, but says its $1 billion pilot's guidelines differ from those of the NINA loans that contributed to the ...

Could more federal loans help students afford college?  PBS NewsHour

A growing chorus of experts is making the surprising argument that students need to be allowed to borrow more. With grants limited and college costs rising, ...

Stearns Home Loans opens new Pendleton office | Business  East Oregonian

PENDLETON — Stearns Home Loans announced the opening of its new Pendleton office at 33 S.E. Dorion Ave.

Proposal calls for eliminating student loan default status for struggling borrowers  Inside Higher Ed

Some experts think it's time to rethink how the government collects on defaulted student loans, moving away from punitive measures that may not help borrowers ...

BB&T CEO Kelly King: People tend to seek loans when a slowdown is imminent  CNBC

Kelly King, chairman and CEO of BB&T, joins "The Exchange" to discuss the concerns of an imminent economic slowdown. He says that he doesn't believe a ...

Kabbage raises a record $700 million in debt for its SMB loans platform  TechCrunch

Loan platform Kabbage — which offers quick assessment and approvals for small business loans using machine learning algorithms that pull data from dozens ...

Wells Fargo's bottom line is growing despite shrinking deposits and loans  CNN

New York (CNN Business) Wells Fargo's lending and deposits continue to shrink but the crisis-stricken bank managed to grow its bottom line during the first ...

How regulators, Republicans and big banks fought for a big increase in lucrative but risky corporate loans  The Washington Post

Actions by federal regulators and Republicans in Congress over the past two years have paved the way for banks and other financial companies to issue more ...

China Exim Bank's B&R loans surpasses 1 trln yuan - Xinhua |  Xinhua

BEIJING, April 21 (Xinhua) -- The Export-Import Bank of China (China Exim Bank) said its outstanding loans for the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has surpassed ...

Higher limits now available on many USDA farm loans  Jackson County Pilot

Higher limits are now available for local borrowers interested in the U.S. Department of Agriculture's farm loans, which are geared toward helping agricultural ...

What Trump's Student Loan Forgiveness Plan Means For You  Forbes

President Trump wants to change the future of higher education. Here's what it means for your student loans.

Making sense of college financial aid letters  Fox Business

Different schools have different names for these letters: financial aid offer, merit letter, award letter or financial aid package.

Bounced check fees, small loan fees go up under bill

Republican leadership sends in committee floaters to move legislation forward.

Here's How To Ace Student Loan Repayment  Forbes

Here's how to repay your student loans and get out of debt faster.

Democrats double down on a sneaky student loan forgiveness plan - AEI  American Enterprise Institute

View related *content*: Education, Higher Education. Say what you will about progressive proposals to forgive all student debt or provide free college, at least we ...

5 Freebies With Your Student Loans  NerdWallet

Choose private student loans on price, not perks. But if you need a tiebreaker between equal offers, look for lenders that offer these five freebies.

Limits On Student Loan Borrowing Are A Good Idea  Forbes

The White House has proposed limiting the amount of student loan debt students can borrow. This has the potential to be a good solution to address excessive ...

Blend is simplifying home-loan applications into a single smartphone tap  Business Insider

Blend has been working toward an ambitious goal of reducing the mortgage-application process to a single tap — and autos loans are next.

Shopko employee accused of stealing deposits to cover payday loan debt  WBAY

BROWN COUNTY, Wis. (WBAY) - A Shopko store manager is accused of stealing more than $7,000 from the Express location in Suamico. Jocelyn Ann ...

Destiny USA foreclosure unlikely, expert says; mall may just want better loan terms

Pyramid likely will work out mortgage extension with lender, SU professor says.

Indiana 'loan shark' lending bill dies on House floor  Indianapolis Star

Legislation that would have allowed payday and subprime lenders to charge interest rates on small loans at levels the state currently classifies as felony loan ...

These students borrowed $35K plus for an unaccredited program that closed. Years later, their debts remain

The Philadelphia-area women are among hundreds of thousands of Americans who attended for-profit schools that closed or agreed to settle government ...

A major retirement planner wants to help workers repay their student loans  MarketWatch

Student-loan repayment support could become the new 401(k), but it comes with a big catch.

How a $1,250 student loan becomes thousands more  Detroit Free Press

The paperwork hit Detroit's federal courthouse on Jan. 2. The Macomb Township woman hadn't made payments on her student loan and Uncle Sam wanted his ...

Parent Loans for College Are Skyrocketing — and 62% of Families Are Borrowing More Than What the Government Says They Can Afford  MONEY

Parents are borrowing more than ever before for their students' college bills, and a growing share struggle to repay. Here's how to fix it.

How Student Loans Impact Your Taxes | US  U.S News & World Report Money

Whether you're in school or the job force, student loans can help or hurt at tax time. Private and federal student loan borrowers stand to gain from tax breaks, but ...

Here's what I wish I knew before I took out $22500 in student loans  Duke Chronicle

Last Friday morning, I sat in a room of my non-one percenter peers and attempted to decipher what, exactly, was being said to me about the debt I took on as ...

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Calls Student Loans 'Significant Issue'  Forbes

JPMorgan Chairman and CEO Jamie Dimon weighed in on student loans, which he called "a significant issue." Here's what you need to know - and how it can ...

Court to declare businessman bankrupt if he fails to repay loans  Jakarta Post

Businessman Radius Wibowo, who owns a BBQ chicken franchise under the Goodway group, has been told his business would be declared bankrupt if he fails ...

I have $70,000 in federal student loans. Should I refinance?

Q. Is it a good idea to refinance federal student loans that are more than $70,000. If yes, how do I get started? — Feeling poor. A. Crushing student loan debt is a ...

Income-Driven Repayment: Is It Right for You?  NerdWallet

Income-driven repayment may be right for you if you can't afford your federal student loan payments or you qualify for Public *Service* Loan Forgiveness.

Vicki Gunvalson Suing Ex-Boyfriend Brooks Ayers Over Unpaid Loans

Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers dated for five years before calling it quits in 2015.

Taking a loan from family is risky for lender and borrower, CNBC survey finds  CNBC

When given a choice between maxing out a credit card or taking a loan from a family member, lower-income households and people of color are more likely to ...

Education Dept. rejects vast majority of applicants for temporary student loan forgiveness program  The Washington Post

Lawmakers say the high rejection rate shows the agency is mismanaging the temporary expansion of Public *Service* Loan Forgiveness, but the Education ...

A loan for your PV system & your new roof too  pv magazine USA

Mosaic has unveiled a more versatile loan product with a variety of innovations, including allowing households to qualify on the basis of total income, as well as ...

Bill would create student loan repayment program for Texas peace officers

AUSTIN, Texas — The Texas Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would create a student loan repayment program for Texas peace offices who have served at ...

C-Lever: Safe Instant Crypto-Backed Loans via Stablecoins?  Bitcoin Exchange Guide

What Is C-Lever? C-lever is a blockchain-based *service* platform that aims to provide loans in stable coins backed by liquid crypto assets such as Bitcoin,

Flint Will Receive $77 Million In Loans To Help Resolve 5-Year Water Crisis  Blavity

Flint is getting $77 million in loan assistance to help rebuild the city's corroded water system. The ongoing water crisis in the Michigan city has ravaged the lives ...

WSJ Wealth Adviser Briefing: Not-So Good Friday, Bad Loans, Expensive Renovation  Wall Street Journal

Good Friday sometimes brings bad company news; Cerberus raises $5.1 billion to buy bad loans, and a $40 million renovation of a 240-year-old building.

Student loan crisis fix pushed by Illinois state treasurer  Crain's Chicago Business

The House overwhelmingly passed a bill to permit the treasurer to allocate 5 percent of state cash to cut student debt. Can a broke state afford the risk?

Scientists criticize Norway's decision to permit student loans for study of astrology  Inside Higher Ed

University leaders and scientists are outraged by decision of national quality assurance agency, which says it has no choice because of a law linking recognition ...

New Bill Could Fix Public Service Loan Forgiveness  Forbes

As many student loan borrowers already know, the Public *Service* Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program is a bit of a mess. While the program is legitimate and has ...

Are Closed Accounts on Credit Report Bad? News

Are closed account on your credit report bad? Yes. The editors at break down why and how closing an account can affect 55% of your score.

Higher Education Act: Trump’s vision for student loans

The Trump administration is also proposing forgiving all undergraduate student loans after 15 years.

Why student loans shouldn't keep you from investing  Yahoo Finance

You can still invest if you're paying off student loans—Here's how.

Student loan forgiveness: 38,000 public servants applied, but only 262 were approved  CBS News

A $700 million program set up to help public servants get student loan forgiveness has received plenty of interest, garnering 38,460 applicants. But far fewer ...

Fewer first-time home buyers likely to qualify for mortgages under tougher FHA standards  USA TODAY

Fewer first-time and lower-income homebuyers are likely to get mortgages under tougher standards adopted by the Federal Housing Administration.

Philippines finance chief reportedly hits back against people who worry about China loans  CNBC

Filipino Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III says his country has never defaulted on its loans, amid concerns over the Southeast Asian nation's ability to ...

Worried about taking on student loans? Here are some tips  PBS NewsHour

The No.1 worry for high schoolers applying to college is student debt, according to a recent survey from The Princeton Review.

'It's time to put a cop on the beat': Minnesota lawmakers push tougher regulations for student loan companies  Star Tribune

Sasha Yunginger knew becoming a teacher wasn't going to make her rich, but she loved working with young people and felt a passion to put them on the right ...

Bill would give Alabama payday loan borrowers more time to pay

Advocates for payday loan reforms say some borrowers get stuck in a spiral of debt because they have to roll over loans they can't repay and incur more fees.

Should I invest or pay off student loan debt?  Business Insider

Experts say if your student loan debt interest rate is high, you should pay it off before investing, according to Erin Lowry of The Broke Millennial.

Warren, Gillibrand to CFPB: Protect Public Service Loan Forgiveness  NPR

Several top Democrats sent a stern letter to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau asking for evidence that it's policing the federal student loan industry.

Some Of The Best Instant Payday Loans in 2019  Collections & Credit Risk

With the way of finances in the majority of homes, people are having to get creative with how they are paying their monthly bills. Credit cards are maxed if you ...

Nearly half of indebted millennials say college wasn't worth it, and the reason why is obvious  Business Insider

Nearly half of millennials who have or have had student-loan debt think college wasn't worthwhile, according to an INSIDER and Morning Consult survey.

Maryland Attorney General: Companies Made Predatory Loans  NBC4 Washington

Maryland's attorney general is taking several businesses to court, saying consumers are at risk of losing their vehicles because of the companies' predatory ...

Minnesota credit unions roll out residential solar loan program  Energy News Network

The solar loan program aims to fill a financing gap for residential installations in Minnesota with discounted rates.

7 Apps That Can Help You Pay Off Student Loans  U.S. News & World Report

Trying to pay off student loan debt? There's an app for that.

Todd Boehly Grows His Investment Empire, From the Dodgers to Collateralized Loans  Barron's

Todd Boehl's growing empire puts a point on the importance of smart structuring by, for example, giving investors the advantage of an insurance product's ...

Education Department rejects nearly all applicants for a student loan forgiveness program  Los Angeles Times

Tens of thousands of public servants have applied to have their federal student loans forgiven through a temporary program run by the U.S. Education ...

The High Cost of Auto Loans Is 1 More Reason to Sell Car Stocks  Barron's

Interest rates on auto loans hit a 10-year high in March. That is bad news for consumers, auto makers, and investors.

Report: Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena being renamed

CLEVELAND (AP) -- A person familiar with the decision says Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena is being renamed Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.

House Committees Subpoena Deutsche Bank Records On Trump Loans  HuffPost

Two House committees on Monday subpoenaed records from Deutsche Bank and other financial institutions as part of an investigation into Donald Trump's ...

How to Write a Promissory Note | US  U.S News & World Report Money

Though it might seem like another boring document to be skimmed quickly, a promissory note is a key component of loans with very important – and legally ...

Data shows DeVos didn't immediately forgive student loans after court order  CNN

Washington (CNN) The Education Department didn't grant a single claim for loan forgiveness to people who said they were defrauded by their colleges between ...

Quicken Loans, DOJ sent to mediation in ongoing battle over FHA loan allegations  HousingWire

Nearly four years after the legal battle between Quicken Loans and the Department of Justice began, the case may finally be decided in court later this year.

Italy: risky bank loans and poor growth prospects could destroy eurozone  Business Insider

The IMF has slashed Italy's growth prospects down from 0.9% this year to 0.1% and cites the country as a significant risk for the eurozone.

LOAN ZONE: Roundup of this week's middle market loans  Real Estate Weekly

BERKADIA $19M for Brooklyn midrise. 240 MEEKER. Berkadia announced $19.6 million in financing for 240 Meeker, a mid-rise multifamily property in Brooklyn.

Are Student Loans Considered Taxable Income? | US  U.S News & World Report Money

Student loans and tuition scholarships aren't considered taxable income. But if you use an academic scholarship to pay for room and board or travel, you'll need ...

Maxine Waters grills banks on student loan crisis even though feds took over in 2010  Washington Times

House Financial Services Committee chairwoman Maxine Waters was brought up short Wednesday after she targeted banking chiefs over the student loan crisis ...

Mortgage demand is up quite a bit: Quicken Loans founder  CNBC

Dan Gilbert, founder and chairman of Quicken Loans, and Jay Farner, CEO of Quicken Loans, joins CNBC's "Squawk Box" to discuss the state of the mortgage ...

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