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A secured loan is a personal loan which is generally offered to home owners. In a typical secured loan, the home is used as collateral against the loan, meaning that should you be unable to maintain the loan repayments, your home will be at risk.

A secured loan is a loan made with an asset, often your home, used as security against default on repayments. When you apply for a loan from a lender they look to see if you have any security that you can offer that will make the risk of lending you money less of an issue.

Secured loans are where you agree to offer the lender security over your home. This means that the lender has the right to take ownership of this asset if you fail to make the loan repayments that are due under your agreement.

This security will generally be your home even if you still have a mortgage on the property. This security basically makes a lender feel better about your ability to repay your loan. You put your security up as a guarantee to the lender so that if you fail to make repayments they have a secured fall-back and can get their money back.

The fact that you have this security to offer a lender minimises the risk they take lending you the cash. They know they have a guarantee of getting their money back whatever happens so you'll get the best interest rates available in the market for a secured loan.

Before a lender will make a loan offer they are likely to consider a number of factors including your gross household income, past credit history and any adverse instances of mortgage arrears, defaults and county court judgements.

Secured loans are available today from a variety of lenders at a variety of interest rates. In taking out a secured loan you are effectively releasing capital that would otherwise have remained tied up in your property.

The majority of homeowners who take out loans will choose a secured loan option simply because it will be cheaper than unsecured loans.

Secured loans vary from lender to lender. Normally, though, they will range from just £5,000 to as much as £75,000. Repayment periods can be anything from five to twenty five years.

If you are a homeowner arranging a secured loan can clear your debts, create some funds for home improvements or you could use it for buying a new car or taking the holiday of a lifetime.

Secured loans may be suitable for you if you are considering debt consolidation. Normally, the lender can offer a large reduction in the repayments required from you by simply bringing together all your outstanding debt and replacing it with one new secured loan. The reduction in your monthly payments can be achieved by arranging for the new secured loan to be repaid over a longer timescale or at a reduced interest rate or both.

Being self-employed or having a b ad credit rating does not have to be a barrier to qualifying for secured loans.

Secured loans have several advantages, including the fact that they are available fast and online. It is now possible to apply online for secured loans. This is a very simple and fast process. It can be done from the convenience of your own home, at a time that is convenient for you. Secured loans can now also be arranged without the need of a face-to-face meeting.

Using your house as collateral means your house may be at risk if you can not meet your personal loan repayments.

It is strongly recommend you consider protecting your loan payments with a Payment Protection Plan. A Payment Protection Plan is designed to give peace of mind because no matter how healthy you feel today, nobody knows what lies round the corner tomorrow.

A Payment Protection Plan is a small additional insurance payment that you make each month. This extra payment will be included with your loan repayment. This small sum will ensure that if you lost your job, became ill, or unexpectedly pass away your loan repayments will be paid for you.

A secured loan is a quick and convenient way to plug a short term financial need, for example, to go on holiday or extend or improve your home. In essence, a secured loan enables homeowners to unlock some extra cash by using their greatest asset - their home.

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