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Long Term Unsecured Loan?

In order to understand qualifications for loan approval, let's examine the typesof loans; secured and unsecured, and the two types ofre-payment plans: short term and long term.

Secured loans have both short and long term repayment plans. These types ofloans are secured by a form of collateral, such as the equity in a home or auto.Some lenders will also accept stocks and bonds as security against the loan.

Because these types of loans are secured, the risk to lenders is minimized andallows borrowers to enjoy lower interest rates than unsecured loans. And; evenif there are still payments due on an existing auto or home loan, it's possibleto get a lower rate than the original loan terms, particularly if the borrower'scredit had improved.

Unsecured loans generally have only a short term repayment plan. The most commontype of unsecured loan is a payday cash advance, or a signature (personal loan)from a bank. The payday cash advance is a much shorter term loan, most commonlyto extend only until the recipient's following payday. A bank signatureloan; however, generally has a one year repayment plan. Another main differencebetween these two types of loans is how the interest rate is calculated. Apayday cash advance charges a fee instead of an interest rate, but Federalregulations require lenders to provide an "interest computation" soborrowers can compare rates amongst various loan products and lenders.When a payday cash advance fee is transformed to an interest rate, the sum ismuch higher than a bank signature loan, which is an actual percentage ratecharged over the duration of the loan. But there's yet one more differencebetween these two loans which makes payday cash advances more accessible.Whereas a bank signature loan requires favorable credit, a payday cash advancedoes not, making this an attractive loan for bad credit people.

Your credit rating, assets, and the eagerness of a lender to issue a loan, alldetermine which types of loans you are qualified for. If you have favorablecredit, consult your local bank loan officer or; if you desire a business loan,your local SBA. If you have troubled credit, instead of seeking a longterm unsecured loan, consider alternatives such as using your home or auto ascollateral for a secured long term loan, or consider a payday cash advance for ashort term unsecured loan.

Toni Phelps is the Research Manager of where you can find more information regarding loans.

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