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Used Car Loans - 3 Tips For Financing Your Used Vehicle Online

Financing the purchase of a used vehicle can be done through the convenience of online car loan lenders. Through their websites you can request quotes, compare terms, and even apply online. Online car loan lenders save you time and money by making financing shopping easy. The following three tips will ensure that you find the best financing for your vehicle purchase.

1. Request Quotes

It is easy to compare rates online, but you really need to request quotes to do real comparison. You should compare car loans much like a mortgage. A difference as little as $17.00 a month can save you over $1000 on a 60 month loan. Some lenders charge fees, so watch for those. Sometimes small fees up front will save you money through lower interest payments over the course of your loan.

To find low rates consider using a car loan broker. They work with several different lenders to bring you multiple offers to choose from. You can also request quotes from individual lender websites. With either type of site, you will receive your quote instantly, enabling you to make a quick comparison.

2. Compare Terms

It is equally important to the compare terms of your car loan. The longer loan term you choose, the more you will pay in interest. However, longer loans also have smaller monthly payments. You will also want to look at fees that may be associated with early repayment or late payments.

Another factor to consider is increasing your down payment to 20% of the vehicle's value. In some cases, this can qualify you for a lower rate.

3. Get Prequalified

To gain added leverage in you car purchase get prequalified for you car loan. By being prequalified, you get a blank check by FedEx to go shopping with. You can use it to purchase a vehicle from a dealership or individual.

In either case, you have the advantage as a cash buyer. There is no question about your credit history, so there is the incentive for the seller to close the deal. Take this advantage by negotiating a lower price.

To view our list of recommended auto finance companies online, visit this page: Recommended Car Loan Companies Online.

Carrie Reeder is the owner of ABC Loan Guide, an informational website about various types of loans.


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